Spring comes, the scenery of the highlands of Ha Giang, Sapa, Cao Bang … is as brilliant as entering a contest of “beauty” – beauty of flowers.
Go to the city to see the house, go to the midlands to look at the hills, up to the highlands to admire the mountains. Each place has a unique beauty, but if you choose to go to the mountain, please do not miss the picturesque East – Northwest bow, especially on the Tet holiday until spring.

The beauty of Peach – Plum – Cabbage

If you have to recommend Ha Giang’s “beauty” to the spring flower contest, choose the trio of Dao – Plum – Cai Be. And there is no need to shape, but let the flowers bloom, give a natural aroma right on the cliffs, deep valleys or smoky floor boards. So, the highland climate, no matter how cold, will be warmed by the soft graceful image, sprinkled with pink, white, yellow lipstick of peach blossom, plum blossom, mustard flower … on the stone fields. Endlessly welcome spring. And walking around the market, whether you meet a partner or not, you just need to see a smile, catch a glance, smell the enamel of the spring wine cup is enough to make visitors endless drunk in the sense of sublimation of heaven and earth.

Cao Bang country house

The giant ink painting of the natural artist continues to swing his pen to Cao Bang. If you are blamed for why you are so busy with Cao Bang and forget about the way, here, the ancients did not say, “Go back to raise the children / Let me go to Cao Bang country.” Cao Bang will contribute to the contest “highland beauties” of the beautiful natural scenery that is poetic in the spring.
Right from the town was surprised with the fascinating terrain – three sides bordering the river, four pillars of mountains hugging the lovely town to its heart. Ban Gioc Waterfall forever is an impressive beauty that touches anyone who has the opportunity to admire. Spring is also the dry season, the waterfall has the most gentle face, the greenest and also peaceful eyes right at the foot of the waterfall. Guests can visit the entire three-story waterfall with bamboo arrays, watching “beautiful” people show off their talents to throw soft strips of water like silk dancing to make people ecstatic.

The peach of the cloud land

Sapa’s peaches true true rumors away! Hanoians have a great hobby, and now the people from all over the country also flock to Sapa to look at peaches, a feat to bring a “made in Sapa” peach branch to beautify, to make their homes on Tet. Because of the Sapa brand of peaches, the ethnic people are excited to invite each other into the garden or go to the forest to choose the beautiful peach branches to bring them to the market to sell in the chilling cold of snow and ice.
Early spring, along the highway Sapa – Lao Cai saw young people huddled up in cotton shirts bring peach blossom to sell for Tet, peach market meeting in the cold fog – unique features of the du Sapa calendar also attracts visitors to visit, discover whenever Tet comes, spring comes.

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